Sustainable Imaginations

A patron of sustainbility, Marie is cognisant of the impacts of her work on life by any measure. She integrates her projects with their landscapes and finds inspiration in local identity. Her projects are generous and offer a sense of experience and discovery. She proposes designs that are at once precisely conceived and spontaneous. In step with the project evolution, Marie is witness to converse and react, to integrate process and space. She endeavours to propose a plant palette inspired by natural associations, arranged in kind with natural behaviors, with the goal of building self-sustaining ecosystems. She practices good stewardship by encouraging responsible water use, beginning with plant selection and on to maintenance irrigation. She sources native materials for their intrinsic beauty, their relevance and their sustainability. She works with actors of like mind.

Marie invites the profits of collaboration, its flexibility and its surprises, and believes that every project, every space, is unique; indeed, its strength must be drawn from this special nature. She does not work with preconceived schemes, but rather takes time to absorb the atmosphere, to build a local lexicon, to understand her role as conductor of the players in harmony and landscape. This approach takes advantage of artistic abstraction without undermining the rationality of the space or its technical details, utimately, the viability of the project.

Marie welcomes a wide range of projects from small to large gardens, public parks and urban terraces, from resorts to historic or therapeutic gardens. Conversant across climates, open to cultures, Marie works around the world.